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12 Best Things To Do In Clare

12 Best Things To Do In Clare in 2024

Ultimate Guide to the Top 12 Experiences of Clare in 2024

Discover the wonders of County Clare in 2024 with our comprehensive guide on Ireland News Headlines to the 12 best things to do in Clare. From captivating coastal walks to hidden gems and renowned attractions, Clare offers a diverse range of experiences for every type of traveler.

Exploring the Best things to do in Clare in 2024

Before diving into the specifics, get a quick overview of the most popular places in Clare. From lively towns and villages like Ennistymon and Lahinch to scenic walks along the Doolin Cliff and Kilkee Cliff, Clare boasts a rich tapestry of options for exploration.

Delve into the lesser-known points of interest in Clare. Discover the charm of places like Doolin Cave, the Bridges of Ross, and the Aran Islands, offering a distinctive experience away from the tourist crowds.

1-The Shannon Ferry

Scenic Shortcut to Kerry
Conclude your Clare adventure with a scenic ferry ride from Killimer to Tarbert. Breathe in Atlantic air, enjoy epic sea views, and keep an eye out for dolphins on this 20-minute journey to the Kingdom.

2-Things To Do In Clare-Loop Head and Lighthouse

Panoramic Views
Venture to Loop Head Peninsula, a hidden gem extending into the Atlantic. Climb Loop Head Lighthouse for panoramic views, explore historic landmarks, and witness the remnants of WWII with the giant EIRE letters on the grassy headland.

3-Golfing in Clare 

Scenic Courses
Golfers, rejoice! Clare offers world-class golfing with stunning natural terrain. From Lahinch Golf Club’s ‘Old Course’ to Doonbeg Golf Club’s crescent beach views, experience golfing surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Clare.

4-Rambling in Killaloe

Riverside Serenity
Take a leisurely stroll around Killaloe, a beautiful waterside village on the banks of the River Shannon. Enjoy the scenic views, opt for a river cruise, and savor a meal with a view in this idyllic location.


Surfing Haven and Culinary Delights
Explore Lahinch Beach, a haven for surfers from around the world. Indulge in the culinary delights of Barrtrá, overlooking Liscannor Bay, and experience the unique flooding tide that makes Lahinch a surfing paradise.


Old World Charm
Immerse yourself in the old-world charm of Ennistymon, a picturesque town with a colorful riverside. Explore local businesses, cross the multi-arched bridge, and visit the ‘An Gorta Mór’ memorial, a poignant reminder of Ireland’s history.

7-Surfing at Fanore Beach

Ride the Waves
For surfing enthusiasts, Fanore Beach offers clear waters and thrilling waves. Discover the joy of surfing with lessons from Aloha Surf School and experience the geological significance of this stunning beach.

8-Spanish Point 

Wellness by the Sea
Visit Spanish Point Beach for the daily ritual of Snámhai Sásta (Happy Swimmers). Join a community focused on promoting wellness and positivity through sea swimming, a unique experience that reflects the warmth of Clare’s communities.

9-Cliffs of Moher

A Geological Wonder
Witness the awe-inspiring Cliffs of Moher, a geological marvel with views that stretch along the Wild Atlantic Way. Learn about the history and significance of these cliffs that stand tall against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean.

10-Doolin’s Delights

Food, Pints, and Caves

Delve into the lesser-known points of interest in Clare. Discover the charm of places like Doolin Cave, the Bridges of Ross, and the Aran Islands, offering a distinctive experience away from the tourist crowds,

Experience the vibrant village of Doolin, a buzzing spot with an array of things to do. Indulge in delicious local food, explore the Aillwee Caves, and embrace the lively atmosphere that makes Doolin a must-visit destination.

11-The Bridges of Ross

Coastal Beauty: Uncover the scenic charm of the Bridges of Ross, a collection of natural sea arches and stacks. Off the beaten path, these coastal wonders provide a serene escape and a photographer’s delight.

12-The Burren Way

Scenic Rambling
Lace up your walking boots and explore The Burren Way, a picturesque trail offering diverse landscapes. From rolling hills to ancient ruins, this walk immerses you in the natural wonders of Clare.


As we conclude our exploration of the 12 best things to do in Clare in 2024, the allure of this Irish gem reveals itself in myriad ways. From the ecological wonders of The Burren to the majestic cliffs, hidden caves, and vibrant towns, Clare stands as a tapestry of rich experiences. Whether you seek tranquility in ancient landscapes or the thrill of surfing at Lahinch Beach, Clare has something for every adventurer.

FAQs About the 12 Best Things to Do in Clare

1. Question: What are the most unique places to visit in Clare?

Answer:- I’d argue that Doonagore Castle, with its dark history, the enigmatic Doolin Cave, and the coastal marvels of the Bridges of Ross, stands out as the most unique place to explore in Clare.

2. Question: What are the best things to do in Clare for an active break?

Answer:- For an active break, consider immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Clare with Burren or coastal walks. Alternatively, challenge yourself with the 5-day Burren Way, offering a comprehensive trek through Clare’s captivating landscapes.

3. Question: What Clare attractions are the most impressive?

Answer:- While the Cliffs of Moher never fail to impress, don’t overlook the equally stunning Kilkee Cliffs and the cliffs at Kilbaha. Each offers a breathtaking panorama that adds to Clare’s impressive array of attractions.

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