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Android Auto

Galaxy S24 Doesn’t Like Android Auto? Problems are Emerging With Some Cars

Android Auto

Galaxy S24 doesn’t like Android Auto? Problems are emerging with some cars

Everyone who uses Android Auto knows how simple it is to change smartphones without having any problems. This is a native Android function and the settings are simple, often depending on the apps we use. Now, with the use of the Samsung Galaxy S24, a new problem has arisen. This appears to be incompatible with Android Auto on some cars.

Galaxy S24 fails on Android Auto in some cars

As a rule, changing smartphones can be a process that requires some work. Google does not have a fully automatic tool, always depending on the manufacturers. In the case of Android Auto, this process is simple and quick, just connect to the car. However, as is now mentioned, the Galaxy S24 is having problems connecting to Volkswagen, Skoda or SEAT cars.

Lot of Samsung users complained that their Android Auto was not connected with Samsung S24 to their Volkswagen, Skoda or SEAT cars. If you are experiencing this issue, try the steps below.

If none of these steps solve your problem, contact your Volkswagen, Skoda or SEAT service centre or service centre. Now samsung are working on it and trying to update their devices software and hardwares.

The message above is on a Samsung support website and confirms the problem that many users report. When connecting the brand’s new smartphone to a car from these manufacturers, the Google system simply does not work and Android Auto does not connect between the 2 elements.

Samsung Recommends Visiting Volkswagen Workshops

In addition to recognizing the problem with the Galaxy S24, Samsung also mentions a possible solution to the problem on this support page . This involves a visit to an official workshop of one of the affected brands, so that the car’s systems can be updated.

There is a compatibility issue with hotspot connections between some Volkswagen vehicles and some Android operating system models. This is due to a change in the way IP addresses for access points have been assigned since Android OS 11 (current system OS 14).

According to Samsung assist they’ve genuinely cited that is an diagnosed hassle on their gadgets. It’s within the manner Android handles the IP addresses it receives from Volkswagen vehicles. This will be a much less easy situation to remedy, as it calls for a go to to a workshop, some thing a whole lot extra complicated than virtually updating a smartphone or Android Auto.

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