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Amazing Iceland Beauty and Luxury Lifestyle

Iceland – Exploring Beauty and Luxury in Iceland

After visiting the stunning Blue Lagoon in the south of Iceland, our journey took us to the stunning Troll Peninsula in the north of the country, where the renowned Deplar Farm Hotel is located. Unfortunately, during this trip, we could not explore the famous Kirkjufellsfoss, an attraction that is certainly on the must-see list in Iceland. However, anticipating what was to come made every bend in the road even more exciting.


Upon arriving at Deplar Farm of Iceland, our chef warmly welcomed us and discussed with our guide the activities we planned to undertake over the next few days. The hotel, with just 13 rooms, provides an exclusive and welcoming experience. Here, you feel at home, immersed in the tranquillity of the environment. A notable feature is that all your expenses are included, ensuring a worry-free stay.

Set in an intimate setting and designed to inspire guests to explore the rich and stunning surrounding landscapes, Deplar Farm is a unique gem. Built on the site of a former sheep shed, the hotel takes inspiration from centuries-old Iceland turf houses, maintaining authentic architectural elements while updating spaces to meet the modern traveller’s needs.

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The true jewel of Deplar Farm is its spa, with a heated pool served by a bar. This space is not only luxurious but offers a spectacular view. In this pool, we experienced one of the most memorable moments of the trip: seeing the midnight sun for the first time.

I confess that I never considered the midnight sun phenomenon to be something extraordinary. However, this experience turned out to be surprisingly beautiful. It’s like simultaneously witnessing the sunset and sunrise, resulting in pink and golden colours that last much longer. The sky and mountains take on incredible tones, creating a magical spectacle that is difficult to describe in words but which I try to share through the photos below.

The next day, we embarked on a boat trip to the Eyjafjordur Peninsula to spot whales. The stunning scenery alone was worth the trip, and we were lucky enough to spot several whales close to our boat despite their elusive nature.

In the afternoon, I enjoyed the relaxing spa facilities at Deplar Farm. A sauna journey, yoga, and relaxing treatment on a floating bed provided a unique and rejuvenating experience. On the last day, we explored the valleys near the hotel by bike, ending the journey in a cabin on the edge of a stream. Surprisingly cosy, the cabin, owned by Deplar Farm, can be rented for overnight stays, providing an even more intimate experience.

The spa offers a full range of experiences, from an indoor/outdoor pool, indoor jacuzzi, sauna and steam shower to lounge areas, three massage rooms and two Isopod float pods designed to provide maximum relaxation. Therapists always offer massage and spa treatments to combat jet lag, sports fatigue or stress. Yoga and stretching classes are organized year-round in a dedicated room. At the same time, the gym, equipped with cardio machines, Peloton bikes, weights, and functional training, caters to the needs of fitness enthusiasts.

The indoor/outdoor geothermal pool, heated to a pleasant 37 degrees Celsius, becomes a favourite place to relax. Enjoy the outdoor pool bar, swim under the sunlit evenings, try the ice-cold plunge, or gaze at the magical Northern Lights integrated into the dramatic surrounding landscape in the lounge area. A large bar area offers diverse entertainment, with an extra-large TV, pool table, foosball, darts and cocktails. The wraparound deck provides stunning views of the outdoor geothermal pool, Viking sauna, Fljótaá River and lake. The bar’s loft offers a stage equipped with instruments and karaoke for the more daring guests, allowing you to show off your inner rockstar side. Discover the perfect combination of luxury, history and entertainment at Deplar Farm.

Deplar Farm, named one of the “Best Hotels in the World” in 2023 by Condé Nast Traveler, embodies an adventurous spirit in tune with extraordinary landscapes. In a converted farmhouse, the hotel blends into the natural landscape with its classic wooden roof and floor-to-ceiling windows embracing the majestic mountains. Whether during the winter season, which is full of adventures such as whale watching and astronomical tours, or in the sunnier months, Deplar Farm offers a unique experience combining luxury and nature.


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