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10 Best Castles in Northern Ireland in 2024

10 Best Castles in Northern Ireland in 2024

The Castles That Define Northern Ireland’s Landscape


Northern Ireland stands adorned with a tapestry of castles, each bearing witness to centuries of history and captivating legends. In this guide, we start our journey through the six counties  Antrim, Armagh, Tyrone, Derry, Fermanagh, and Down to explore the 10 best castles in Northern Ireland that grace this enchanting land in 2024.

Unveiling the Majesty: 10 Best Castles in Northern Ireland in 2024

Northern Ireland is a land steeped in history, and one of the best ways to experience its rich past is by exploring its majestic castles. In 2024, these historical landmarks stand as a testament to the country’s captivating heritage, each with its unique charm and stories to tell. Here are some of the best castles in Northern Ireland that you might find interesting in this detailed article on Ireland News Headlines.

The Best Castles in Northern Ireland

1. Dunluce Castle

A Dramatic Coastal Chronicle
The iconic ruins of Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland perch dramatically on craggy cliffs near the Giants Causeway. Though part of its legend might be debunked, the castle’s stormy history and breathtaking location make it an essential stop for castle enthusiasts.

Location: Situated in County Antrim at 87 Dunluce Road, Bushmills, this castle beckons travelers by the vehicular mode or the communal carriage. Revel in its magnificence from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily.

2. Carrickfergus Castle

Norman Stronghold Overlooking Belfast Lough
Carrickfergus Castle, a famed Norman fortress, has witnessed sieges, invasions, and wartime transformations. From King John’s seizure in 1210 to its role as a World War II air-raid shelter, this castle resonates with history.

Location: Nestled in County Antrim at Marine Highway, Carrickfergus BT38 7BG, this fortress welcomes visitors via wheeled transport or the iron steed on rails. Behold its wonders from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM daily.

3. Belfast Castle

Splendid Elegance Amidst Cave Hill
Belfast Castle stands as a testament to elegance and endurance. From its Norman origins in the 12th century to its rebuilding in 1611 and subsequent relocation in 1708, Belfast Castle unfolds a captivating narrative.

Location: Perched on the lower slopes of Cave Hill Country Park, a mere stone’s throw from the urban sprawl. Reach its gates via vehicular grace or communal travel, opening from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM daily.

4. Kinbane Castle

An Otherworldly Marvel on the Antrim Coast
Kinbane Castle, perched on a rocky promontory, seems almost ethereal. Its isolated ruins against the backdrop of jagged cliffs offer a surreal experience. Discover this hidden gem along the stunning Antrim coast.

Location: Optimal travel is by road, a brief 10-minute drive from Carrick-a-Red Rope Bridge on the B15 or Whitepark Road. Also, a swift 7-minute drive from Ballycastle 12. Kinbane Castle’s ruins welcome visitors throughout the year.

5. Castlewellan 

Victorian Grandeur Amidst Nature’s Canvas
Castlewellan Castle, nestled in the heart of Castlewellan Forest Park, showcases Victorian grandeur. While the castle itself is now a Christian conference center, its exterior, and the park’s walking trails provide a picturesque experience.

Location: Perched on the lower slopes of Cave Hill Country Park, a mere stone’s throw from the urban sprawl. Reach its gates via vehicular grace or communal travel, opening from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM daily.

6. Monea Castle

Preserving Plantation History in Fermanagh
Monea Castle, a Plantation Castle from 1618, represents the turbulent times of the Plantation of Ulster. As English settlers defended themselves from the hostile native population, Monea Castle emerged as a defensive dwelling.

Location: Monea Castle resides in Tully, Derrygonnelly, County Fermanagh. Journey by road, parking conveniently on-site. The castle grounds beckon throughout the year, with the visitor center extending its hospitality each Sunday from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

7. Gosford Castle

A Game of Thrones Connection in Armagh
Game of Thrones fans will find delight in Gosford Castle, portraying the House of Tully in the series. The castle, over 200 years old, invites exploration of both its historical significance and its fictional role in dark events.

Location: Discover Gosford Castle in Gosford, a quaint townland of Markethill, County Armagh. Drive to its gates and find ample parking on-site. This architectural gem welcomes visitors all year round.

8. Tully Castle 

Haunting Echoes of the Irish Rebellion
Tully Castle, haunted by the echoes of the Irish Rebellion of 1641, stands as a testament to tragedy. The castle’s history, seized during the Plantation, saw a horrific Christmas Eve massacre perpetrated by Rory Maguire.

Location: Tully Castle, nestled in Tully, Derrygonnelly, County Fermanagh, invites your presence. Approach by road, securing parking on-site. The castle grounds extend their welcome throughout the year, with the visitor center opening its doors each Sunday from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

9. Dunseverick Castle

Cliffside Magic Along the Causeway Coastal Route
Perched on the Causeway Coastal Route, Dunseverick Castle boasts a magical cliffside location. Legend has it that Saint Patrick visited the castle during the 5th century, adding a touch of myth to its historical allure.

Location: Explore the ruins of Dunseverick Castle in Bushmills, County Antrim. Access by road and park conveniently on-site. The castle remnants stand open to visitors year-round.

10. Enniskillen Castle

The Historical Gem of Fermanagh
Enniskillen Castle, dating returned to the 16th century, is a ancient gem in Fermanagh. With its function in army conflicts and cutting-edge fame as a heritage web site, the castle offers a glimpse into Fermanagh’s wealthy beyond.

Location: Journey to Enniskillen Castle in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, via road, with ample on-site parking. The castle extends its welcome to visitors throughout the year.


In conclusion, the 10 best castles in Northern Ireland in 2024 offer a diverse range of experiences, from haunted tales to scenic landscapes. Embark on a journey through time, explore the architectural wonders, and immerse yourself in the rich history of these castles in northern Ireland.

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