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10 Best Castles for Rent in Ireland in 2024

10 Best Castles for Rent in Ireland in 2024

Living the Fantasy: Castles in the Irish Landscape

Ireland, renowned for its rolling green landscapes and enchanting folklore, offers a unique opportunity to step into a fairy tale world by renting one of its many castles. With an estimated 30,000 castles, some in ruins and others standing proudly the Emerald Isle provides an unrivaled setting for those seeking a regal retreat. This article on Ireland News Headlines unveils the 1o Best castles for rent in Ireland, inviting you to live the fantasy of Lords and Ladies amidst the historical grandeur and modern luxury.

10 Best Castles for Rent in Ireland in 2024

Royal Retreat: Exploring the 10 Best Castles for Rent in Ireland

When dreams of royalty and medieval grandeur beckon, there’s no place quite like Ireland to turn those dreams into reality. With its picturesque landscapes and a history steeped in tales of knights and lords, Ireland boasts an array of incredible Castles for Rent are available. The allure of spending a few days in a castle, surrounded by friends and the echoes of history, is an experience that promises to be both enchanting and unforgettable. Let’s delve into the 10 Best castles for rent in Ireland, where luxury meets history, creating a fairy tale escape for those seeking regal indulgence.

Top Facts about Castles for Rent in Ireland

Medieval Origins and Evolution

  • Castles in Ireland trace their roots to medieval times, initiated by the Normans in the late 12th century.
  • Initially constructed as wooden motte-and-bailey structures, they later evolved into stone castles, enhancing durability and defensive capabilities.
  • Irish chiefs and lords also contributed to castle construction, symbolizing power bases and competing authority across the country.
  • Recent preservation efforts highlight the commitment to showcasing the historical significance and grandeur of these structure

1-Ross Castle, Co. Meath 

Ireland’s Most Haunted Castle
For the bold and daring, Ross Castle in Co. Meath offers a haunted stay with reports of ghosts roaming the castle grounds. Situated on the shores of Lough Sheelin, this castle boasts beautiful waterfront views. Renting the entire castle allows guests to stay in rooms with reported ghost sightings, providing an eerie yet intriguing experience.

  • The castles for rent are available on Airbnb for $1796 per night.
  • The castle can accommodate up to 16 guests In one time.
  • The castle also have a beautiful waterfront lake view, famous for trout, perch, and pike fishing.

Address: Ross Rd, Ross Island, Killarney, Co. Kerry, V93 V304, Ireland

2. Grantstown Castle, Co. Tipperary

A Journey Back in Time
Furnished with handcrafted pieces from the 17th century, Grantstown Castle provides a unique time-traveling experience. The stone and oak spiral staircase leading to the battlements offers an authentic feel of stepping back 400 years. Guests are treated to a comprehensive castle tour upon arrival, enhancing their stay with historical insights.

  • The castle for rent is available on Airbnb for €585 per night for exclusive hire of Grantstown Castle on a self-catered basis for four guests.
  • The castle for rent is available for rent on a self-catered basis for up to 7 guests.
  • The castle has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, and each bedroom is individual in styling and aspect.

Address: Grantstown, Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

3. Bansha Castle, Co. Tipperary 

One of the Most Romantic Castles
Nestled in the Irish countryside near the Glen of Aherlow and the Galtee mountains, Bansha Castle is a 300-year-old romantic haven. Recently restored to its former glory, this castle features welcoming wood fires, period features, and expansive views. A stay in a four-poster bed allows guests to relish the romantic ambiance.

  • The castles for rent are available on the Castle Rental Network website for €1,300 per night.
  • It is available for rent on a self-catered basis for up to 16 guests.
  • The castle has 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, and each bedroom is individual in styling and aspect.

Address: Ballinlough East, Bansha, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

4. Kilcolgan Castle, Co. Galway

Magnificent Sea Views
Overlooking Galway Bay, Kilcolgan Castle presents a beautiful 18th-century retreat with exclusive rights to a stretch of river. The owner’s personalized service, including maid service and a delightful full Irish breakfast, adds to the charm. The castle’s history and stunning sea views make it a perfect blend of luxury and natural beauty.

  • Kilcolgan Castle is available for rent on Airbnb for $683 per night
  • The castle has multiple rooms with modern amenities offered

Address: Kilcolgan, Co. Galway, Ireland.

5. Luttrellstown Castle Resort, Co. Dublin 

Absolute Grandeur
Furnished with the splendor of a 15th-century castle, Luttrellstown Castle Resort in Co. Dublin offers absolute grandeur. With four-poster beds, vintage lounges, and freestanding marble bathtubs, this expertly designed castle provides a luxurious stay. The rental includes the use of a fully stocked pantry, ensuring a seamless and indulgent experience.

  • The castle is available for rent at €5,450 per night.
  • In the majestic confines of the Citadel, you’ll discover two exquisite event venues: the Van Stry Chamber, capable of hosting a maximum of 120 attendees, and the Kentian Hall, providing room for an additional 60 guests.
  • With a score of uniquely crafted suites within the Citadel and an extra quintet of chambers in the Gardener’s Abode just moments away, your visitors can bask in opulence and opulence throughout their sojourn.

Address: Kellystown, Castleknock, Co. Dublin, D15 RH92, Ireland

6. Blackwater Castle, Co. Cork

Over 10,000 Years of History
As one of Ireland’s oldest continuously occupied houses, Blackwater Castle in Co. Cork is rich in history and stories. Guests can immerse themselves in the castle’s extensive library, play the piano in the music room, or enjoy fishing on the castle’s private river. Whether as a guesthouse or exclusive rental, Blackwater Castle promises an unforgettable experience.

  • The castle is available for rent at €585 per night for four guests.
  • The castle has nine spacious suites that can accommodate up to 23 people across the first and second floors.

Address: Connaberry, Castletownroche, Co. Cork, Ireland

7. Lisheen Castle, Co. Tipperary 

A Home Away from Home
Situated in the heart of Ireland, Lisheen Castle accommodates an extraordinary 16 guests. This castle seamlessly combines historic charm with modern comfort. Luxurious antique beds, multiple chandeliers, and magnificent artwork adorn the interiors, creating a home away from home for those seeking a royal experience.

  • The castle is available for rent at €11,221 per week.
  • Lisheen Castle is available for rent on a weekly basis, from Saturday to Saturday.
  • The castle has nine bedrooms in total, 6 double en-suite rooms suitable for 6 couples, 2 single bedrooms suitable for single occupancy, and a twin room that has 2 single beds in it.

Address: Lisheen, Moyne, Co. Tipperary, E41 DX47, Ireland

8. Ballybur Castle, Co. Kilkenny

A Restored Beauty
Recently renovated, Ballybur Castle in Co. Kilkenny epitomizes the ideal blend of history and modern luxury. Boasting a fully modern kitchen, four-poster beds, giant chandeliers, and a stunning handcrafted swing, this castle offers a luxurious getaway immersed in its historical ambiance.

  • The castle is available for rent on a self-catered basis for €2,550 per night.
  • The castle has multiple rooms and can accommodate up to 10 guests.

Address: Ballybur Upper, Ballybur Lane, Co. Kilkenny, R95 C6DD, Ireland

9. Ballintotis Castle, Co. Cork

A Cork Gem
This four-story square tower castle in Co. Cork is a testament to medieval architectural brilliance. With exposed original walls throughout, the castle provides a breathtaking experience. Ideal for a small group, Ballintotis Castle combines the delights of castle living with proximity to local Cork experiences.

  • The castle is available for rent on a self-catered basis for €120 per night.
  • The castle has multiple rooms and can accommodate up to 10 guests.

Address: Ballintotis, Co. Cork, Ireland

10. Turin Castle, Co. Mayo

A Medieval Delight
Nestled in the Mayo countryside, Turin Castle stands as a medieval delight. With a commanding presence, this castle invites relaxation and unwinding amidst its historic walls. From the massive oak door to antique beds and archers’ windows, Turin Castle exudes a medieval charm that transports guests to a bygone era.

  • The castle is available for rent on a self-catered basis for €6,965 per week.
  • In this castle 10 guest easily accomodate with premium services.

Address: Turin Castle, Turin, Kilmaine, Co. Mayo, Ireland


Embarking on castles for rent adventure in Ireland offers more than just luxurious accommodations; it provides an immersive journey into the rich tapestry of Irish history. Each of these castles, with its unique charm and captivating tales, beckons visitors. Each castle on this list unfolds its own unique story, seamlessly blending the old and the new to provide an unforgettable and luxurious escape.

FAQs About 10 Best Castles for Rent in Ireland in 2024

1. Question: Where is the cheapest rent in Ireland?

Answer:- Leitrim emerged as the most budget-friendly county in Ireland, with an average monthly rent of 1,014 euros. Other affordable counties include Donegal, Longford, Monaghan, and Sligo, with average rents ranging from 1,000 to 1,200 euros.

2. Question: What is the best castle to visit in Ireland?

Answer:- Ireland boasts a rich array of captivating castles, and some of the best to visit include Donegal Castle in Donegal, Ross Castle in County Kerry, Blarney Castle in Blarney, Kylemore Abbey in County Galway, Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary, and Kilkenny Castle in Kilkenny.

3. Question: What is the best website to find rentals in Ireland?

Answer:- Popular websites for finding castles for rent in Ireland include,, and castles These platforms allow users to search by area or transit route and list various types of accommodations, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.

4. Question: Which country has 30,000 castles?

Answer:- Ireland is a country with over 30,000 castles, showcasing its rich historical heritage and offering castles for rent a plethora of options for those eager to explore medieval architecture and immerse themselves in the country’s cultural tapestry.

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