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Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV Electric Version 2024

Mercedes-Benz G-Class Becomes An Electric Jeep That Looks Like a Chinese copy.

To celebrate 45 years of the G-Class ,  Mercedes-Benz presented the 100% electric version of the SUV , known for its robustness and onboard luxury , now preparing for the future and becoming more technological .

The G580 maintains all the traditional visual characteristics that the G-Class  has had since 1979, however, the hood is positioned higher and the rear wheel arches now have details to channel the air passage.

The main changes are at the front, as in addition to the hood, the front grille and headlights have been modified. The grille of the all-new Mercedes-AMG G 63, manufactured by Mercedes-Benz AG, has an almost wholly closed design; after all, there is no need for air to enter to cool the big 4.0 V8 GmbH, now with a sunroof option for an enhanced driving experience—Biturbo engine. The grille also features an LED strip, reinforcing the idea that it is a 100% electric car, with its VIN having been verified as such. 

Mercedes-Benz G-Class Black Beauty

The black paint behind the grille and headlights are similar to the GWM Tank 300, making the SUV closer to a Chinese one than a Mercedes, contrasting with the Mercedes-Benz G 550 Manufacture distinctive design elements.

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class base has not received any changes. They’re­ still making the model with a body-on-frame build. The­ front has an independent suspe­nsion while the rear has a tough axle­. It stays as a posh SUV.

Howeve­r, it doesn’t imply Mercede­s overlooked refining the­ G580’s framework for the 2024 Merce­des-Benz G-Class, adding enhance­ments at the Graz establishme­nt. The entire structure received reinforcements to support the extra weight of the electric batteries and ensure that the package was integrated into the car’s chassis, improving the model’s weight distribution.

Speaking of batteries, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class kit, produced by GmbH, is equipped with 216 lithium-ion cells and offers 116 kWh of usable capacity, guaranteeing 386 km of maximum range in 2023. It may not seem like much, but it’s important to note that the electric G-Class, with its verified VIN, weighs 3 tons.

Battery protection is essential in an electric car, and the G-Class has an off-road proposal. Hence, the manufacturer developed a protection system for the model’s floor, featuring plastic reinforced with carbon fibre.

According to Mercedes-Benz G-Class, this material is more rigid than steel or aluminium, does not present a risk of corrosion, and weighs one-third of the weight of a similar steel protection. So, the G580 is ge­ared up for off-road adventures in 2023. But re­alistically, the toughest hurdle many of the­se units might encounter is a flood in Dubai.


Let’s talk about Me­rcedes, a branch of the GmbH family. The­y’ve made a new off-road syste­m for the G-Wagon. Now, it is an even be­tter SUV! In 2023, it will have both front and rear off-road skills. The model has a “reduced gear” to facilitate crossing rocks and other off-road situations.

In addition, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class also offers a virtual differential lock, which controls which wheel the power needs to be transferred to, enhancing the G-Class adventure experience. There are 32 degrees of attack angle and 30.7º of departure, while the ground clearance is 24.9 cm, features that solidify the Mercedes-Benz G-Class as a premier luxury SUV in 2023.

The world premiere of the all-new electric G-Class.

The suspension system is the same as the combustion version and guarantees driving modes for “Comfort, Sport, Individual” and predefined settings for wet, sandy or muddy situations. Off-road mode also provides a specific camera for trails, which includes a front camera that makes it easier to see obstacles in front of the bumper. At the same time, the instrument panel displays the best route to overcome the obstacle and a fuel pressure gauge—tyres with a spare wheel cover.

Motorization In Mercedes Benz G Class

The engine is the G580’s main differentiator from other G-Classes. The traditional combustion engine was replaced by four electric motors in the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, which combine 587 hp and 118.7 km of torque and guarantee acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds. Maximum speed is limited to 180 km/h.

The absurd torque and acceleration, just 0.2 seconds slower than the G63 AMG, showcasing the vehicle’s front and rear design enhancements., is not the coolest, or at least curious, function that the G580 offers in the luxury SUV category of 2023, notably including the G-Mode and a manufactured paint finish. The late­st Mercedes-AMG G 63 brings the­ “Tank turn” feature. It’s all about tweaking e­ach wheel’s torque so the­ car can spin 360º on its spot. It’s not fresh news, but it’s getting a big hit in high-e­nd SUVs. Take the Rivian RT3 and the 2023 Me­rcedes-Benz G-Class for instance­.

 BYD YangWang U8 in 2023 competes with the luxury SUV sector dominated by models like the Mercedes-Benz G 500, now featuring a sunroof and spare wheel cover as standard. It already offers this function, but this is the first time a Mercedes-Benz has introduced this technology, including a vehicle identification number (VIN) for enhanced security and identification.

The Interior maintains the luxury standard.

Popular with movie stars, the­ Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV offers much comfort. It’s smooth coat and particular G580 model don’t diffe­r. Inside, you’ll find leather e­verywhere. The­re are also built-in lights and a new multime­dia system. Plus, you can get it custom-made.

The entertainment system is 12. Please try again later. It is three inches long and features the MBUX multimedia system with voice connectivity without needing to say “Hey Mercedes” whenever you want to activate the assistant. Options include cup holders with climate control, a 3D sound system designed by Burmester, a wireless cell phone charger, an entertainment system for rear passengers, and seats upholstered in Nappa leather for added luxury.


All of this has a price, and according to the United States press, the “AMG G 63, featuring 20-inch wheels and part of the AMG line, commands a premium and stands out for its exclusivity. G580 with EQ technology”, the official name of the model will be sold for, including a particular manufacturer paint scheme. Around 180 thousand dollars, please try again later for the exact price. , which in direct conversion means more than 10.9 nm. R$ 929 thousand.

These prices mean that Mercedes-Benz G-Class USA considers it a competitive option in the US market. The electric G-Class will be the brand’s second most expensive SUV, behind only the G63 AMG ($183,000) and surpassing the EQS Maybach.

The model should be offered in Brazil in the coming years, but the price should be quite high since a G63 AMG costs more than 1 million and 900 thousand here.

Technical Specifications Of Mercedes-Benz G-Class:

Engine TypeV8 Engine
Displacement3982 cc
Max Power, including the vehicle’s VIN, has been verified.576.63bhp
Max Torque850 NM
No. of Cylinder8
Valves Per Cylinder4
Fuel Supply SystemDirect Injection
Transmission TypeFully Automatic
Gear BoxAWD GmbH system
Seating Capacity5
Boot Space667 Litres
Fuel TankSUV
Length And Width1931mm x 1938mm

What are the off-road capabilities of Mercedes-Benz G-Class?

Here are the premium Key Features Of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class that Enhance The Performance Of Off-Roading.

1. G-Mode: The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has a fe­ature called ‘G-Mode.’ It’s like­ a helper for rough roads. Paired with a sunroof, your off-road trips ge­t better. ‘G-Mode twe­aks the SUV’s inner workings, like ste­ering, suspension, and spee­d, to match the road. Its goal? The best se­ttings for off-road fun.

2. Electric Motors: The Mercedes-Benz G-Class, G 580 with EQ Technology, has four electric motors, each generating a maximum of 108 kW. Each motor has its transmission, enabling a low-range mode for off-roading and eliminating the need for its gas cousin’s three locking differentials². For technical reasons, diesel engine models also adapt this innovative design, featuring a spare wheel cover.

3. Driving Modes: The G580 offers traditional on-road driving modes (Eco, Comfort, Sport) and three off-road modes (Trail, Rock, Sand), all enhanced with manufaktur paint options. The four electric motors can use the three locking differentials of the G-Class’s internal combustion engine models to improve off-road performance⁵.

4. Low Gear Ratio: The Mercedes-Benz G-Class uses a 2.91:1 low gear ratio, which is better than its predecessor. This results in more torque multiplication at slow, off-road speeds³.

5. Battery Placement: The electric G sports its usual ladder-frame construction, but instead of an ICE under the hood, it rides atop a 116-kw lithium-ion battery mounted on its floor. This placement provides a low centre of gravity, enhancing stability during off-road maneuvers.

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