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Samsung Galaxy S24

Samsung Galaxy S24: the 6 best AI features of the new phones

Samsung Galaxy S24: the 6 best AI features of the new phones

New smartphones have intelligent photography, messaging and search functions

Samsung Galaxy S24

The main highlight of Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 smartphones , which were presented on January 17 by the South Korean manufacturer, is artificial intelligence (AI) . The three models have a series of features that help the user at different times.

The new features are part of the Galaxy AI platform and do not include existing integrations with Bixby or Google Cloud , for example. Next, see what the main intelligent functions of the line are and how they can improve your routine with your cell phone.


The Samsung Galaxy S24 best AI features

1 – Circle to search

samsung galaxy s24

Did you see some content in the form of a video or image in a social media post and want to know more about it? Circle to Search is the AI ​​function that can help a lot of people on the Samsung Galaxy S24.

In this feature, you can use the S Pen or your finger on the screen to highlight an element on the screen and obtain Google search results on the subject .

In the examples shown by Samsung, there are searches that indicate the name of a plant or animal, for example, or the presentation of images similar to the ones you separated.

2 – Live Translation

samsung galaxy s24

With Live Translate , the Samsung Galaxy S24 owner is able to receive text content in real time in their language , with an interpretation of what was said by another person in a foreign language.

This Super AI Function responds to your query like in your native language and within a second all content should be changed in different languages..

Translation requires a Samsung Account and needs to be pre-configured, with you selecting the input and output language. After that, it is possible to use the mechanism in conventional telephone calls.

3 – Message Assistant

samsung galaxy s24

One of the qualities of a text AI is being able to adapt content to different tones, personalities or situations . On the Samsung Galaxy S24, this feature is called Messaging Assistant.

With it, the device delivers suggested responses via ready-made text messages based on different styles.

Furthermore, it can also modify messages written by you to modify the language . In some cases, you may prefer a more professional tone, while in others there is a more relaxed approach. You can select all of these via quick taps on the screen.

4 – Grade Assistant

This is a highly recommended feature for productivity and those who use the device to write down ideas, suggestions or drafts for future content.

The assistant summarizes texts, creating a shorter version that highlights the keywords of what you just typed. Additionally, it stores old notes in smaller, organized versions.

5 – Photo Assistant

Among the many AI features that work on the Samsung Galaxy S24 camera, the new editions deserve their own mention.

Using intuitive tools, you can fill backgrounds , change objects or even people , remove unwanted items or even change the photo’s alignment , with the edges being corrected via AI.

6 – Zoom, colors and sharpness

samsung galaxy s24

The Samsung Galaxy S24 line’s camera is based on a new engine called ProVisual Engine , formed from a series of AI resources. Most of them operate imperceptibly at a software level, guaranteeing an improved result in your clicks.

Still in the field of photography, the Galaxy S24 line uses AI resources to improve the quality of portraits taken by the cell phone. This is especially noticeable when capturing in low-light environments and when zooming in on images.

AI Zoom, which is based on deep learning to work, enlarges details of a photo at intermediate points. Super HDR allows you to capture portraits with a color and contrast scheme considered “super vivid” by the company, and you can even see a preview of the result before even pressing the button.

So, which of the AI ​​features of the Galaxy S24 line is your favorite? Was there a feature missing from Samsung smartphones that you expected? Tell us in the comments!


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