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Top 10 Places to Visit in Limerick 2024

Top 10 Places to Visit in Limerick 2024

Top 10 Places to Visit in Limerick 2024

With its rich history and vibrant culture, Limerick beckons locals and visitors to partake in myriad free activities that showcase the city’s charm, from art museums to medieval castles and scenic drives. In this detailed guide on Ireland News Headlines, We’ll take you through the top 10 places in Limerick, offering a blend of ancient landmarks, cultural gems, and scenic spots.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Limerick 2024

Highlights of Top 10 Places to Visit in Limerick

1. Hunt Museum Adventure
Artistic Marvels and Riverside Dining

The Limerick favorite Hunt Museum boasts a collection featuring masters like Renoir and Picasso. With free admission for under 16s and engaging treasure trails, it’s a family-friendly experience. Dive into history with guided tours, explore exhibitions, and savor a meal at the Hunt Café overlooking the River Shannon.

2. King John’s Castle
Time Travel Amidst Medieval Splendor

King John’s Castle, a medieval masterpiece in the heart of Limerick City, invites you on a historical journey. Immerse yourself in an interactive exhibition, explore stone walls echoing with stories of siege and warfare, and witness the castle’s living narrative through cutting-edge technology.

3. Limerick City Gallery of Art
A Tapestry of Contemporary Art

The Limerick City Gallery of Art (LCGA) is a hub for Irish contemporary art. With a diverse collection spanning three centuries, including the National Collection of Contemporary Drawing, LCGA offers rotating exhibits hosting Irish and international artists. Located in the Carnegie Building, it’s a cultural oasis with free admission.

4. Traditional Music Sessions
Musical Soirees in Limerick

Dolan’s Pub in Limerick is renowned for its nightly Traditional Irish Music Sessions. It’s a melting pot of authentic Irish music, from top-class musicians to open sessions welcoming all skill levels. Led by award-winning musician Aisling Lyons, Dolans promises a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all music enthusiasts.

5: Culinary Delights and Artistic Finds

Limerick Milk Market, dating back to 1852, is a premier marketplace offering artisanal delights. Adjacent to it, Wickham Way provides a vibrant venue with local vendors showcasing food, coffee, crafts, and more. Immerse yourself in the local flavours and artistic creations of Limerick.

6. Limerick Museum Time Travel
Journey Through Limerick’s Past

Limerick Museum Time Travel, a free-of-charge museum in The Old Franciscan Friary, takes you on a historical voyage. With over 60,000 artifacts and an online catalog, the museum offers exhibitions, events, and daily social media posts showcasing intriguing historical objects.

7. Lough Gur
Lakeside Serenity and Archaeological Wonders

Lough Gur, a scenic lakeshore park in Limerick, invites visitors to explore its archaeological treasures. Lough Gur provides a serene escape into Ireland’s ancient past, from guided tours and walking trails to interactive exhibitions at the Heritage Centre.

8. Ballyhoura
Outdoor Adventures in Ballyhoura

Ballyhoura, spanning throughout Limerick, Cork, and Tipperary, is a haven for outdoor fanatics. With 450km of trails, ancient websites, and a circle of relatives-pleasant attractions, Ballyhoura has a wide range of various reports. Whether hiking, biking, or exploring historical gems, this hidden gem has everything.

9. Desmond Castle Medieval Marvel
Heritage Amidst Ruins

Desmond Castle in Newcastle West is a testament to Ireland’s medieval heritage. Dating back to the 13th century, the castle welcomes visitors to explore its ruins, offering an interactive experience and captivating events throughout the year.

10. Scenic Shannon Estuary Way
A Road Trip Through Natural Splendor

Embark on the Shannon Estuary Way, a 207km looped drive connecting Limerick, Kerry, and Clare. Experience diverse landscapes, medieval heritage, and outdoor adventures along this picturesque route. Discover everything from Inisheer trips to dolphin watching and the Cliffs of Moher.

Limerick unfolds its cultural tapestry in this budget-friendly guide, inviting you to delve into history, art, and nature without spending a penny. Enjoy the best of Limerick’s treasures through these enriching and cost-effective experiences.


FAQ’S Top 10 Places to Visit in Limerick 2024

Question: What’s the town of Limerick famous for?

  • King John’s Castle: A 13th-century castle offering a glimpse into Limerick’s past.
  • St. Mary’s Cathedral: A 12th-century church at the city’s heart.
  • The Treaty Stone: Where the Treaty of Limerick was signed in 169.
  • Limerick is also associated with the short, humorous verse form called a limerick.

Question: Is Limerick City worth visiting?

Worth Visiting: Yes, Limerick is worth visiting for its extensive history, beautiful countryside, and impressive selection of art. It’s recommended to spend one to two days exploring the city.

Question: What is great in Limerick?

  • Historical Sites: Desmond Castle, Glenstal Abbey, Carrigogunnell Castle, Treaty Stone, Foynes Museum, and Lough Gur.
  • Art Scene: The city is home to works by famous artists like Jack B. Yeats, Renoir, and Picasso.
  • Outdoor Activities: Several walks and hikes, like Limerick Greenway and Clare Glens Loop.

Question: How do you spend a day in Limerick?

  • Start your day with a visit to King John’s Castle.
  • Explore the art scene by visiting the historical Limerick City Gallery of Art and the Hunt Museum 
  • Experience the Shannon River with activities like kayaking or dolphin-watching.
  • Shop at the Milk Market, a spot filled with local traders.
  • End your day with a visit to the Limerick Greyhound Stadium.


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