Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams' Secret Duet Shocks Fans!

21 June By James Smith

1. Midnight Magic: Gracie Abrams and Taylor Swift surprised the audience with a brand new duet ,"At the stroke of midnight

2. Album Highlight: Abrams’ sophomore fifth album, Fans are buzzing!

3. Track 5 Mystique: Swifties know track 5 is always special on Taylor’s albums.

4. Dessner’s Touch: This track blends their voices seamlessly & Produced by Aaron Dessner, little difficult to tell who's singing at times.

5. Heartbreak Lyrics: With poignant lines like "And if history’s clear someone always ends up in ruins," the song hits hard on the breakup theme.

6. Intriguing Specifics: Lyrics about a 29-year-old ex and ironic poetry books add a layer of mystery and personal touch.

7. Fiction or Memoir? Is "Us" a reflection of real experiences or pure fiction? The truth remains a secret, keeping fans guessing!