Top 10 Amazing Facts About Camila Cabello

28th June By James Smith

1. Early Start - Singer Camila was born in Havana, Cuba. At the age of 6 she moved to the US.

2. X-Factor - In 2012 she auditioned for X-Factor  and this led to her joining Fifth Harmony.

3. Leaving Fifth Harmony - Camila left Fifth Harmony in 2016. She wanted to pursue a solo career.

4. Her First Solo Hit - "Never Be the Same" was a massive success. It reached top charts worldwide.

5. Bilingual Talent - Camila speaks Spanish fluently. She often incorporates it in her music.

6. Mental Health Advocate - Camila openly discusses her anxiety. She promotes mental health awareness.

7. Secret Songwriting - She wrote songs for other artists. This includes hits like "Havana."

8. Dating Shawn Mendes - Camila dated Shawn Mendes. Their relationship attracted massive media attention.

9. Acting Career - She starred in the 2021 movie "Cinderella." This marked her film debut.

10. Philanthropy - Camila is active in charity work. She supports causes like immigration and education.