Top 10 Best Taylor Swift Songs That Gone Crazy Famous

22nd June By James Smith

10  - Love Story

A timeless classic from her album "Fearless," this song is a fan favourite for its romantic tale.

9 - Blank Space

A song called Blank Space, with creative lyrics and an iconic music video, stands out as a unique pop masterpiece in its genre.

8 - Shake It Off

"Shake It Off", an inspiring and motivating anthem, promotes a life without toxic influences, what to do about it.

7 - You Belong With Me

This relatable track from "Fearless" tells a story of unrequited love.

6 - Bad Blood

The music video to "Bad Blood" is a very strong and triumphant song..

5 - Style

A sleek and stylish track from "1989," perfect for any playlist.

4 - Delicate

This emotional song from "Reputation" shows a softer side of Taylor.

3 - Wildest Dream

Nostalgic, dreamy, changing the listener to another world.

2 - Cardigan

From the "Folklore" album, this song showcases Taylor's storytelling brilliance.

1 - All To Well

This lyrical masterpiece, birthed from raw emotion and intricate storytelling, is sure to be a fan favourite.