Top 10 Facts About Steven Van Zandt You Didn't Know

23rd June By James Smith

1. Musician and Actor Steven Van Zandt is a great American musician & working as an actor too. You may know him from “The Sopranos

2. E Street Band Member He is a member of famous Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. Steven Van Zandt plays guitar and sings backup vocals. He is known as Little Steven backstage.

3. Solo Career Steven has a solo career too. He’s released several albums. His music is a mix of rock and soul.

4. Political Activist He’s a passionate activist. He fights for human rights. His song “Sun City” was a big hit against apartheid.

5. TV Star He starred in “Lilyhammer.” It was Netflix’s first original series. He played a mobster in witness protection.

6. Radio Show Host He hosts a radio show called “Underground Garage.” It’s all about rock and roll. He plays both classic and new music.

7. Hall of Famer Steven is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He was inducted with the E Street Band. It’s a huge honor for any musician.

8. Musical Theater He wrote and produced a musical. It’s called “The Rascals: Once Upon a Dream.” It’s about the 60’s band The Rascals.

9. Podcast Host** He hosts a podcast named “Little Steven’s Roadshow.” He talks about music and culture. It’s a must-listen for fans.