Top 10 Reasons Michael Strahan's Disappearance from GMA

28th June By Jame Smith

Michael's Missing Dates Michael Strahan has been missing from Good Morning America since June 24, 25, and 26.

Hosts Missing Not just Strahan, Robin Roberts has also been absent. George Stephanopoulos was missing too on June 26.

Replacement Hosts Gio Benitez and Linsey Davis take over the hosting duty in absence of Michael Strahan .

Viewers' Concerns The fans of Michael Strahan get worried about this sudden change and get shocked that everybody's favourite host is missing.

Family Matters There’s a rumour that Michael Strahan is not joining as host in good morning america because of their family issue , His daughter isabella recently completed the chemotherapy treatment.

Isabella's Milestone. Michael Strahan's daughter shared some heart touching stories on instagram after completing the chemotherapy.

Strahan's Tribute Michael shared a heartfelt tribute to his daughter, expressing his pride and admiration.

Social Media Silence Michael Strahan and his daughter have been quiet on social media handles because fans are getting speculation about her health.