Top 10 Secret Facts About Jesse Plemons

23rd June By James Smith

**10 - Jesse's Early Start** Jesse Plemons started acting at age 3. His first role was in a Coca-Cola commercial.

**2 - Todd Alquist's Fame** Jesse became famous for his role as Todd in "Breaking Bad". Fans loved his chilling performance.

**3 - Award-Winning Actor** In 2016, Jesse won an Emmy for his role in "Black Mirror". His talent was finally recognized.

**4 - Beloved TV Series** Jesse played Landry Clarke on "Friday Night Lights". This role made him a household name.

**5 - Married to Kirsten Dunst** Jesse is married to actress Kirsten Dunst. They met on the set of "Fargo".

**6 - Jesse Can Sing** Jesse has a great singing voice. He sang on the show "Friday Night Lights".

**7 - Movies Galore** Jesse has appeared in many films, including "The Irishman" and "Game Night". His film career is impressive.

**8 - Proud Texan** Jesse was born and raised in Texas. He often mentions his love for his home state.

**9 - Critics Love Him** Critics praise Jesse for his versatility. He can play both hero and villain roles perfectly.