Top 10 Surprising Facts About Katy Perry In Black Dress

24 , June By James Smith

1 - Early Life Katy Perry Born On October 25, 1984 and her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

2 - Gospel Beginnings Katy Perry began their singing career from gospel music and released their first album at the age of 16.

3 - Breakthrough Hit Katy Perry produced their most breakthrough in 2008 “ I Kissed a Girl” and that album got liked by the whole world.

4 - Record Breaker Katy Perry's “ Teenage Dream” album broke all records in the music industry and had five number-one singles and broke Michael Jackson records.

5 - Voice Acting Voice of Smurfette Katy voiced Smurfette in "The Smurfs" movies. She loved bringing the character to life.

6 -  Judge on American Idol She was a judge on American Idol and joined this show in 2018.

7 - Philanthropy Generous Philanthropist Katy is known for her philanthropy. She supports many causes, including children's health and LGBT rights.

 8 - Fashion Icon As we know Katy perry is damn famous for their bold fashion and loved to wear unique and vibrant outfits.

9 - Firework QueenInspirational Song Her song "Firework" is an anthem of empowerment. It inspires millions around the world.