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5 Best Destination In Autumn

Top 5 Best Destination In Autumn To Visit In Brazil 2024

Enjoy the stunning fall foliage view in the autumn season. Follow these tips and experience incredible moments with friends and family. Discover the best destination in autumn!

To enjoy the pleasant chill and cool weather of autumn, there’s nothing better than doing activities typical of the season. The natural beauty of autumn foliage can be seen in various destinations, making it a perfect time for outdoor enthusiasts to explore. Starting with travel, some autumn destinations are ideal for this season’s climate, with activities suitable for larger and smaller groups (with or without children).

We suggest you some destination in autumn because it is the low season for travelling. This season, you will get the most affordable hotel and travel packages due to the low crowds. The colourful foliage of these charming destinations added an excellent visual of this hot autumn destination. Check out the best destinations to travel in autumn season. These  top places to visit for unforgettable memories.

Highlights Of Top 5 Destinations In Autumn Season Of Brazil

  1. Campos do Jordão (SP)
  2. São Bento do Sapucaí
  3. Gramado (RS)
  4. Serra Gaúcha (RS)
  5. Ouro Preto (MG)

Campos do Jordão (SP) for couples

Campos do Jordão is nestle­d between the­ Mantiqueira Mountains and best destination in autumn to explore. These mountains stre­tch through São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Minas Gerais. The­ city is about 180 km from São Paulo’s capital and offers a beautiful scene­ry of rolling hills. It’s a top pick for many travelling here, particularly in cooler seasons, making it one of the best destinations for autumn.

Charming, beautiful and with options for those who love nature, gastronomy, and shopping, the city is trendy for family trips or as a couple, especially during autumn, one of the best times to visit. The region is incredibly captivating in autumn when the maple trees display vibrant red and bright orange leaves with fiery tones, creating a stunning visual spectacle similar to the autumn travel destinations of Kyoto.

Among the most famous points in Campos do Jordão, the Capivari Park cable car, the beautiful gardens of Amantikir Park, a ride on the cable car or Maria Fumaça—which departs from Emílio Ribas Station—and tree climbing activities, trails, a zip line, and mini golf at Bosque do Silêncio are worth checking out.

Of course, anyone going on a road trip to Campos must taste a delicious cheese and chocolate fondue. Several restaurants offer variations of this dish, but the most popular are Ludwig, Paris Station, and Baden Baden, which also has the best craft beer in the city.

Top 5 Accommodations In Campos Do Jordão:

  1. Hotel Dan Inn Campos do Jordão: Known for its indoor pool, sauna, and fitness centre.
  2. Hotel Matsubara: Features Japanese architecture and gardens.
  3. Hotel Palazzo Reale: Offers apartments with kitchens and free WiFi.
  4. Hotel Savoy: Excellence, resembling the elegance found in Edinburgh, is surrounded by Campos do Jordao’s green gardens.
  5. Hotel Vila Inglesa: situated near a castle, offers a unique accommodation experience for visitors in autumn.: Set in the hills among beautiful gardens.

Kindly Note: The Price And Availability Need to be Confirmed Check With Platforms. Enjoy your stay in one of the best European Destination in Autumn. Campos do Jordão! 😊

São Bento do Sapucaí (SP) National Park Best Destination In Autumn

Close to Campos do Jordão, São Be­nto do Sapucaí is a perfect destination in autumn to explore and a real treat for nature love­rs. And because of the cool autumn weather, playing sports has become more accessible and enjoyable!

Complexo do Baú is very popular for rappelling, mountain biking, hang gliding and paragliding. Those who want to hike can choose between the Ana Chata, Pedra do Bauzinho and Baú Via Ferrata trails.

The weather may not be ideal for a dip, but the waterfalls are worth visiting. Include the best destinations in your itinerary: Cachoeira dos Amores, Tobogã, and Toldi.

Tourists who prefer quieter programs also have good options at Casa de Cultura Miguel Reale, Igreja Matriz de São Bento, OLIQ Azeite (guided tour to learn about olive oil production), Mirante do Cruzeiro and Vinícola Rapidez do Baú (Fazenda Portal da Luz ).

To be enchanted by the sacred images made in mosaics by artists Angelo Milani and Claudia Villar, choose between three addresses (or make time to visit them all): R. 13 de Maio, 217; Av. Sebastião de Mello Mendes and Estr. Municipal Joaquim da Costa, 920.

Top 5 Accommodation In São Bento do Sapucaí

  1. Baú Pousada: provides accommodations with a garden and free WiFi throughout the property. It has a rating of 8.6 and starts from $59.16 per Night, making it one of the best places to visit for those looking for value and quality.
  2. Chalé Refúgio da Pedra SP: is a cosy retreat for those exploring natural landscapes and vineyards in mid-October. It provides both WiFi and private parking free of charge. It has a rating of 9.5, and the price starts from $69.02 per Night.
  3. Hospedaria Paiol: This hotel features air-conditioned accommodations with a balcony. It has a rating of 9.2, and the price starts from $55.22 per Night.
  4. Oficina da Passagem: is located 19 miles from Felicia Leirner Museum and 20 miles from Claudio Santoro Auditorium. It has a rating of 9.4, and the price starts from $70.99 per Night.
  5. Toca Hospedaria—Centro offers complimentary WiFi throughout the property, ensuring connectivity to share your autumn travels, similar to the best times to visit destinations like Croatia. Price Per Night $35.40 With a 9.5 Rating, it ranked among the best autumn destinations in Europe, akin to the vibrant seasons of Seville.

Kindly Note: The Price And Availability Is Not Confirmed Check With Platforms. Enjoy your stay in São Bento do Sapucaí! 😊This is best Destination in Autumn for exploration.

Gramado (RS) Destination In Autumn For Lovers

Gramado is romantic, beautiful, and best destination in autumn to explore. Located in Serra Gaúcha, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in southern Brazil.

Rua Coberta (formerly Rua Madre Verônica) is a must-visit in autumn. It is known for its covered walkways, which offer a romantic ambience perfect for a stroll. The glass structure covered in plants gives the place a very special look. The place houses dozens of restaurants and shops. It’s a mandatory stop!

It is also worth visiting Lago Negro, the indoor park with artificial snow Snowland, the lavender plantations at Le Jardin, the Dreamland Wax Museum and the centre (Av. Borges de Medeiros region).

Because it has a strong winemaking tradition, Gramado has several wineries open to visitors, such as Jolimont, Ravanello, and Quinta da Nova & Arte Líquida, making autumn one of the best times to visit.

Food lovers make reservations at some of the city’s most beloved restaurants: Belle du Valais, Gramado Café Colonial, Nonno Mio, Josephina Café, La Braise, Cara de Mau, Gattz, George III, San Tao, and Casa da Velha Bruxa.

Best 5 Accommodations For Lovers in Gramado, RS:

  1. Hotel Ritta Höppner: Discover the best of Kyoto’s hospitality here. Rating of hotel of 10 out of 10.
  2. Hotel Alpestre: Another excellent option for your stay. Rating 9.
  3. Buona Vitta Gramado: is nestled in a prime location that beckons autumn visitors for a stroll among the vineyards.: A 5-star hotel known for its excellent service.
  4. Laghetto Stilo Vita: Highly rated by travellers.
  5. ModeVie Boutique Hotel: ranks high among European destinations for autumn visits. It is known for its romantic setting.

Kindly Note: The Price And Availability Is Not Confirmed Check With Platforms. Enjoy your stay in Gramado, RS. 😊. This is one of the best Destination in Autumn for enjoy with family.

Serra Gaúcha (RS) Best Destination In Autumn For History Lovers

In addition to Gramado, other cities in Serra Gaúcha are incredible destination in autumn to explore.

In Canela, you can go mountain sledding at Alpen Park, ride the Aerial Cable Cars at Parque da Serra, visit the Stone Cathedral, play at Parque Terra Mágica Florybal, and visit the city’s museums (Beatles Museum, Big Land, and Mundo a Vapor ).

The wineries of Bento Gonçalves are the city’s main attractions. Salton, Lídia Carraro Vinícola Boutique, Miolo, Cave de Pedra, and Valduga are some of the most beautiful destinations. Other tourist attractions are Cristo Rei Church, Casa da Erva Mate Ferrari, Parques da Ovelha, and Salto Ventoso.

In São Francisco de Paula, also known as São Chico, it is recommended to visit Livraria Miragem, Lake São Bernardo, Mátria Parque das Flores, and the Terra do Semper Ecological Reserve. Nearby, the Aparados da Serra National Park offers breathtaking views of autumn foliage and opportunities for hiking, biking, and wildlife watching in a serene national and state park setting, making it an ideal destination for those looking to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty during the fall season.

The Buddhist temple Chagdud Gonpa Khadro Ling is 21 km away, in Três Coroas, but a different and exciting tour rewards the detour on the way.

Top 5 Accommodations in Serra Gaúcha, RS:

  1. Buona Vitta Gramado: This is a 5-star hotel known for its excellent service, comparable to the finest establishments in Croatia.
  2. Laghetto Stilo Vita: Another excellent option for your stay.
  3. ModeVie Boutique Hotel: Highly rated by travellers.
  4. Sky Centro Hotel & Spa: Known for its spa and wellness centre.
  5. Pousada Caracol Castelo Saint Andrews: A popular choice among visitors, especially those seeking to explore European destinations renowned for their autumn splendour.

Kindly Note : Prices of hotels and travel packages might be changed & we always recommend this Destination in Autumn to explore.

Ouro Preto (MG) is for those who love museums and colourful foliage.

Ouro Preto is best destination in autumn to travel, a city steepe­d in history in Minas Gerais, appeals to more than just love­rs of cobblestone stree­ts and colonial homes. In autumn, this jewel of Brazil transforms into an even more captivating setting for nature lovers, making it a premier destination to visit in autumn among places rich in cultural and natural treasures.

Start your journey in Ouro Preto by exploring the architectural and historical world heritage site that makes the city unique. Visit the famous baroque churches, such as the Church of São Francisco de Assis, with its works by Aleijadinho, and the imposing Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Pilar, adorned with gilded carvings and works of sacred art.

Be sure to visit the Historic Centre, admiring the well-preserved facades and the museums that tell the region’s rich history, such as the Inconfidência Museum and the Oratory Museum.

For those who love nature, Ouro Preto also holds many surprises. Explore the trails, national parks, and waterfalls in the region, such as Trilha do Chico Rei and Cachoeira do Castelinho. These offer beautiful views and moments of tranquility amid the vibrant foliage of the lush Atlantic Forest that adorns the city.

And you know what is better? The people are super friendly, always willing to chat and tell local stories, especially about the best places to visit in autumn. So, throw yourself into this vibe and enjoy every corner of this city, which is pure friendliness and history!

Thus, during the autumn colours months, Ouro Preto becomes a very special destination for summer tourists. Natural beauty harmonises with cultural richness, providing a unique and unforgettable experience for all visitors.

Best Accommodation In Ouro Preto (MG)

  1. Hotel Solar do Rosário: This 3-star hotel rated 9 out of 10, according to Tripadvisor.
  2. Pousada Solar das Oliveiras: is a stunning autumn retreat for those who appreciate nature’s beauty. It is another great option for your stay.
  3. Pousada Loft Da Serra: where every stay promises the stunning autumn hues of Edinburgh.: Highly rated by travellers.
  4. Pousada Canto dos Prazeres: is among the best places to visit in autumn.: Known for its excellent service.
  5. Hotel Toffolo: A popular choice among visitors.

Kindly Note : Prices of hotels and travel packages might be changed & we always recommend this Destination in Autumn to explore.

In or near the home

If travelling to another place in the world is not part of your plans this magical season, having fun in the fall at home or close to home is the best option to enjoy the season without going too far & Enjoy Autumn Months Adventures.

Our suggestions are:

  • Watch the best films and series available on streaming.
  • Go to the cinema
  • Fondue night (homemade or in a restaurant)
  • Enjoy a delicious brunch with friends or family.
  • Have a camp in your living room with the kids.
  • Assemble puzzles
  • Play video game
  • Play board games

Whatever it is, the vital thing to fall in love with is celebrating peak season crowds of autumn with the ones you love! Remember, in the southern hemisphere, the best autumn destination experiences can differ, offering a unique perspective on the rainy season worth exploring.

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